Tips & FAQs




Choose the right size:

Red Carpet insoles always cover two sizes for a perfect fit inside the stiletto. The soft material embraces all forms. If you feel the base moves inside the shoe, choose one size above so that the insole is always set correctly.

Choose the right model:

We suggest full insoles for closed shoes such as stilettos or boots.

We recommend open-toe insoles when the shoes are open at the front (summer pumps, sandals, platform...), or for women who would feel tight at the top of their toes when using full insoles. Indeed, open-toe insoles take less space at the front of the shoes. Clients who prefer flat shoes enjoy open-toe inserts in Ballerinas, Richelieu and other flat shoes.

Half-insoles are advised for summer and opened heels. They are discreet and comfortable and, unlike the full and open-toe insoles which have an anti-slip material underneath, they come with a sticker at the back so you can fix them in your sandals.

Choose the right shoes:

You will enjoy the comfort provided by the “Red Carpets” if you have a little space in your shoes. Remember that insoles usually take half a size to one size in your heels !



Take out the Red Carpet of your stilettos to air them so that the inner foam can resume its original form.You can clean the Red Carpet insoles with a slightly damp cloth but avoid too much water or soap that may damage leather




I do not wear heels, so do I really need the “Red Carpets”?
The Red Carpet insoles are suitable for high heels but also to any type of shoe, thanks to the combination of the two pads for comfort over the arch of the foot. The back cushion is especially recommended for flat ballet pumps or sneakers that can hurt the heel.

Should I buy bigger shoes?
Red Carpet insoles may be used in shoes once already worn. For new stilettos we recommend taking half a size to one size bigger.

For your own comfort we recommend that you do not wear heels that fit just right but shoes that are comfortable enough to add a pair of comfortable insoles like Red Carpet.


How long will I keep my Red Carpet insoles?
The polyurethane foam we use is designed to provide a soft cushion at the ball of the foot and will gradually take the shape of your foot, while maintaining a certain thickness. So that your insoles last as long as possible we recommend that you remove them from your shoes every night so that moisture due to perspiration will evaporate naturally. The material will then resume its original shape.

Red Carpet shoe inserts are hand-made in France with high-quality Italian leather . The insoles can be used several times in many shoes and generally last twice as long as traditional insoles.


Are the insoles suitable for all types of shoes?
The material used for Red Carpet insoles is very flexible and is designed to accommodate different types of shoes. The basic form is designed for stilettos, but can adapt well for other type of shoes like boots for example.


How different are the Red Carpet insoles from other inserts?


Unlike other types of inserts, the Red Carpet insoles are:

Comfortable with orthopedic foam cushions that provide greater comfort in stilettos, especially at the ball of the feet

Removable: As the insoles are not fixed inside the stiletto (except the half-insoles), one pair can be used in many different shoes.

Non-slip: The non-slip material underneath helps the insoles to remain stable inside the shoe.

Elegant: a differentiating luxury style thanks to the Italian leather and the gold stitching