I am from the north of England and I recently purchased Red Carpet insoles as I had some lovely shoes that were a little too big. The insoles are lovely and comfortable and my shoes fit much better . They are very good quality and come in some great colours that show off your shoes to perfection. I would recommend this product 100 %. Patricia

I bought my first pair on a visit to Paris.  The red inserts caught my eye and since I am a self described expert on oath inserts I bought a pair of the ones for toeless shoes (I like them in regular closed shoes so my toes have a little more ‘freedom’.  I liked them so much I bought two more pairs online after I got back to the US. I take them with me when I travel, they are especially great in boots, because I tend to buy them a little large. I highly recommend these insoles—super comfy! Marie

I first read about Red Carpet in the Times newspaper and decided to buy them in the sale. I am absolutely impressed with the quality and have used the full insole, open toe insole and the half insole in almost all my shoes- flat and heeled! Great cushioning, easy care leather. Now need them in some patterned leather! Sue  

I use your insoles every day, and I must say they are a great accessory: comfort is significantly improved. In addition, as they are made of leather, they last longer, and the colors are very pretty. Well done! Lavinia

Enter the Red Carpet world and discover the most comfortable insoles of your life! Florence 

Long live to Red Carpet Paris, created by a young, creative and ambitious team! From the idea to product details, not forgetting the comfort and colors, everything is designed to make our steps lighter! Congratulations! Dany

After seeing an ad in a trade magazine, I ordered my first pair of Red Carpet insoles. On the day of my wedding, I wore them more than 8 hours! A real treat for my feet. They allowed me to walk elegantly, dancing, standing and enjoying this magical day! Thank you Red Carpet!  Mrs Perrot

As soon as I discovered the Red Carpet insoles, I became a fan of the brand ... AND it is made in France, which is a point I really appreciate. Very nice details. Beautiful colors. I have complete models, as well as open-toe insoles, half-insoles and all of them are very comfortable. Congratulations for this great idea. Cathy

Quality insoles, very comfortable! I highly recommend all types of insoles sold on the site! Thank you for relieveing my feet in heels every day! Chloe

I knew the brand thanks to wedding forums. The insoles are very comfortable and it is a joy to wear them! I would even suggest to have special price packages when we buy them in packs of 5! Helen

I am pleased to comment on my RED CARPET insoles! Now wearing my shoes for a whole evening does not scare me anymore, and I realize that I am also the only one always wearing my shoes late at night when most of them had to remove them! Long live Red Carpet! Celine

I bought the Red Carpet insoles for my wedding day because I had chosen very very high heels ;-) Not being so used to wearing heels every day, I told myself that I would try these insoles. No need to say that it was a revelation! I could wear my shoes without problem, and the day was perfect! Marine

Red Carpet was my sole-savior during my wedding to wear my beautiful shoes till the end of the day ... or night! What impressed me was the combination of gorgeous design with comfort of my feet! :) Carole

I find these insoles pretty and comfortable, they give a touch of glam and much more…Red Carpet, Thank you to relieve this pain we all know as women! ;) Carole

I wear high heels since I am 18. Now I wear them with the Red Carpet insoles or half-insoles, and I have no problem wearing my heels even in the late afternoon. They have become a must-have accessory for me. Clementine

Ever since I discovered them in 2011, I put them in all my boots and winter shoes! Betty 

With Red carpet insoles, my feet do not suffer. I can now stay hours standing up with different types of heels, closed, peep-toe, sandals because I took an insole of each range. Thank you to Red Carpet. Pady