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 red carpet logo Breathable materials that absorb moisture (no more sweating on your gel insoles)

 Soft orthopedic cushions that provide a comfy feeling (instead of a hard "plastic-feeling" cushion)

 Reusable in several shoes (no adhesive to stick inside the shoe)

 Durable and beautiful for a long time (vs becoming yellow and awful inside your pumps)

Red Carpet’s design is specifically designed to offer maximum comfort at the ball of the feet, relieving the pain where it hurts the most in high heels (60% of the weight of our body rests on this part of our foot when in high heels). This unique design has a reinforced cushion at the front, as well as a second cushion at the back, for added support of your foot. Red Carpet is proud to have a “Design Patent” for designing this innovative product.


 Red Carpet insoles are manufactured with traditional craftsmanship techniques. Only high quality materials, identical to those found in podiatry, are used to make our insoles. In order to keep your Red Carpet insoles even longer and comfier, you can store them away in their packaging when they are not in use. The anti-odor orthopedic foam will breathe and return to its initial shape. 

 Likewise, the insoles are equipped with a high-tech non-slip (or anti-grip) system so that they will not (or cannot) move, preventing them from slipping. This high-quality material will not lose its shape because of sweat or frictions, and will offer long-lasting insoles. 


All our insoles are produced in France, working with passionnate craftmen to create the luxury details of the Red Carpet insoles. 

Gold or silver stitching, cow top-quality leather: we imagine and create models that follow all the latest fashion trends. Red Carpet listens to its customers and takes into account all your suggestions, aiming to make a product that is as close to your expectations as possible. You like gorgeous shoes… so do we: you shouldn’t have to choose between comfort and elegance!



We only use genuine European leather, chosen carefully. The  leather gives our insoles true character, a shiny aspect and a velvety touch that can be enriched with a shoe-moisturizer that will also give them an even “glossier” look. The smooth leathers are treated so that their colour will not rub off onto your feet. Our advice if you want to extend your insoles’ life: waterproof them every few months.