claire vidal red carpet
Welcome to Red Carpet Paris!
Have you ever suffered in high heels so much you couldn’t even walk anymore? Have you ever been embarrassed to remove your shoes because you were wearing insoles?
I know all about that. I am a woman who, like you, suffered in my heels, and was on a mission to find something better than the gel silicon insoles or the horrible latex insoles to relieve the pain caused by wearing heels.
My dream was clear:
I wanted a comfortable insole that would help me feel better all day, but in a beautiful package.
Being from Paris, the design was easy.
Creating the technology that could support my day and yours, this was the challenge! Oh là là … But after careful research and testing, teaming up with podiatrists and industrials, voilà, we did it !
The result is a handmade product a patented design to support the ball of the feet and relieve foot pain from wearing heels. Made from genuine Italian luxury leather and orthopedic foam, we have all the colors and designs to suit your needs.
Sold since 2010 in Paris at Galeries Lafayette, the largest department store in France, our insoles have become a must-have for the modern-day French woman.
I hope it now becomes the same for you!
Claire Vidal
CEO & Founder Red Carpet Paris